Everton – Manchester City preview: (Everton needs to lose)

Ah, Everton. We truly stink. I thought for sure we would be able to grab at least a point against Wolves but nope. We lost 1-3 and lacked the conviction that we’ve shown multiple times when we needed to, but that sums up Marco Silva’s reign as our manager.


Don’t believe me? We’ve only taken 8 points out of a possible 33 points since the start of December. How is Marco Silva not in more trouble? Bad in the league, out of both domestic cups and number one in the league in conceding most goals from set-pieces. Zonal marking doesn’t work for us, Marco. SO why do you insist on using it?

If you follow the Premier League, you can see that Liverpool have been “slipping” lately following their two consecutive draws against Leicester and West Ham which cuts Manchester City’s deficit from 7 points to 3 points. Which is fantastic!


In no surprise to anyone, I don’t want Liverpool winning the league. Idolizing Pep Guardiola in my younger days, all I want to see him do is succeed, so defending a Premier League title (which hasn’t happened since the 08/09 season where Manchester United did the threepeat) would be awesome. Also Liverpool fans are insufferable! Had to be said.

Manchester City have been inconsistent for their standards this season, but finally look more like themselves once they got Sergio Kun Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne back in full match fitness, with the former scoring a hat-trick against Arsenal last weekend.

So what’s going to happen tonight once these two teams face each other? I genuinely would love to see Everton win, of course I do! But we won’t. So if we are going to lose, I hope we do it showing some heart, rather than getting steamrolled. An instant classic like a 3-4 loss with Richarlison showing why we spent so much on him!

Though I assume Marco Silva has other plans so 1-3 or even 1-4 loss is in the making. #MarcoSilvaOut