MyFPL: GW23: Alexander-Arnold, Son and Kane Replacements

MyFPL is a series where we will go through our thought process before every FPL Gameweek in the 2018/2019 season.

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FPL managers were hit by a bombshell last gameweek, with Harry Kane limping off the pitch after his game with Man Utd, resulting in a long time injury. Coupled with Heung-Min Son travelling to play in the Asian Cup and a brief 3 day window when it looked like Trent Alexander-Arnold (TAA) would be out for 4 weeks, it has sent current owners of those players into a transfer frenzy.

Fear not, because MyFPL is back again and will cover all your replacement needs. I hope you stayed patient and waited to do any rash transfer decision, because you will need ever last one of your free transfers going forward. The most pressing ones is how you should replace TAA, Son and Kane and I am here to guide you in doing just that.

TAA Replacements

Sooo, I kinda covered this in last weeks article, and you might not even have to replace Alexander-Arnold after the Jürgen Klopp news that he might be back already next week. Still, there are a lot of great alternatives for around the same price, and other people might be looking into who to get in for players like Marcos Alonso. With one more gameweek to judge these guys, I have made some adjustments to last weeks list, with James Tarkowski dropping out of the wishlist entirely.

  1. Luke Shaw (£5.0 – BHA/BUR/lei/ful/LIV/cry/SOU)
  2. Matt Doherty (£5.2 – LEI/WHU/eve/NEW/bou/hud/CAR)
  3. Lucas Digne (£5.3 – sou/hud/WLV/wat/ – /car/LIV)
  4. Sead Kolasinac (£4.9 – CHE/CAR/mci/hud/SOU/BOU/tot)
  5. Jose Holebas (£4.8 – BUR/tot/bha/EVE/car/liv/LEI)

Shaw (£5.0) remains as the #1 option, after Man Utd secured a second consecutive clean sheet, this time against Tottenham. Like I said last week, Man Utd’s defence is also much improved under Ole Gunnar Solskjær and the clean sheets have started to come. Now Shaw has been used as the more defensive of Solskjær’s full-backs, but the clean sheet and bonus potential still makes Shaw an amazing option.

With Doherty (£5.2) getting past Man City, he now has seven straight opponents where he has a decent chance of either a clean sheet or an attacking involvement. Clean sheets have been few and far between for Wolves, with his offensive potential, you’ll expect a good score from him every week and a couple of hauls.

Digne (£5.3) had a haul last gameweek, racking up an assist and a clean sheet against Bournemouth. His offensive numbers are not a fluke and Everton will surprise you with some clean sheets as well. It’s worth noting that Gameweek 27 will be a blank for Everton, leading into a tougher part of the schedule. This would be a good moment to turn him into Leicester’s Ricardo Pereira (£5.3), who’s fixtures turn at that point.

If Pereira doesn’t tickle your fancy at that point, then maybe Kolasinac (£4.9) will. He still has a couple of tough matches to get through, but once you are ready to sell Digne, Kola will be a great option.

Holebas (£4.8) has been a decent option all season, and after nudging an assist and some bonus last week, he made a case to get higher on this list. I just don’t love Watford’s current trajectory in terms of clean sheets.

Still, there’s a case to just keep Alexander-Arnold if you’ve made it this far, but if you need a player for this gameweek and beyond, there are a lot of good options without the injury/rotation risk of TAA.

Son Replacements

Heung-Min Son has been a gift for those lucky enough to have had him, but with him missing likely the next three gameweeks, you have to look for a replacement. There will be plenty of players to choose from, especially if you get extra money from selling Kane, so why not rank the other midfielders besides the essential Mohamed Salah (£13.5).

Before we rank them however, we’ll figure out exactly who’s the best options from Man Utd, Tottenham and Man City.

Paul Pogba vs Anthony Martial vs Jesse Lingard

This one really is a no-brainer. Paul Pogba is back to his world class best under Solskjær and is completely nailed on as well. Martial is a decent 2nd option if you want to double up, but with Shaw and my favorite Kane replacement also deserving of a spot, I wouldn’t necessarily use up a Man Utd slot on Martial. The reports of him possibly signing a 5 year extension is promising however. Lingard just never took off after an 18 point haul against Cardiff on Solskjær’s debut.

Raheem Sterling vs Leroy Sané vs Kevin de Bruyne

As for Man City, you’ll never know exactly who is going to play. Even the formerly nailed on Kevin de Bruyne doesn’t look safe from Pep’s bald fraud rotation wheel. Leroy Sané should be nailed on with Benjamin Mendy still a few weeks out and you’d look to sell this Man City midfielder when Son comes back in GW26 anyway. With Sané’s price point being a bit lower than Sterling’s, I’d lean towards the German getting the nod, seeing as it is a short term solution. Sterling is the best option for the rest of the season however.

Dele Alli vs Christian Eriksen

This is the tightest battle of them all and it might be decided by whoever gets to take penalties in Harry Kane’s absence. The last time Spurs got a penalty with Kane out and Eriksen and Alli on the pitch, the latter got to take it, so I’d assume that is still the case now. Pochettino has also mentioned how Alli could play as a false nine, while the main man himself has previously said how he looks more to score when Kane is out. I’d lean Alli, even though Eriksen might be the better option once Son returns from the Asian Cup.

  1. Paul Pogba (£8.6)
  2. Dele Alli (£8.9)
  3. Richarlison (£6.9)
  4. Eden Hazard (£11.1)
  5. Leroy Sané (£9.6)
  6. Felipe Anderson (£7.3)
  7. Sadio Mané (£9.5)

Pogba (£8.6) is the essential no brainer here, who should really be in your team already. I’m flirting with the possibility of captaining him this week, against a Brighton team that usually gives up big hauls to midfielders.

With Kane and Son out, I think Dele Alli (£8.9) would have to step up for Spurs, during their easy fixtures. Somebody has to score and Alli has shown before that he has what it takes. Whether you get him short term for Son or keep him for the long run, I think Alli will be a great FPL player until Kane returns in March.

Richarlison (£6.9) owners have been frustrated in recent weeks, but the Brazilian keeps getting chances and it’s only a matter of time until he starts scoring again. This isn’t a repeat of last season’s turn of form around New Years. Richarlison is a top player and will start producing like one very soon.

Hazard (£11.1) has had a disappointing points return lately, and it might be time for him to switch out to the wing again. Gonzalo Higuain looks set to join and that could be just what Chelsea and Hazard have needed the last few weeks. The Belgian troll is never far away from a big points haul either way.

Sané (£9.6) is a short term option, not only because Man City will follow up a double date with Arsenal and Chelsea with a blank gameweek, but also because Benjamin Mendy will be back soon enough to give Pep Guardiola some width out on the left. Sané is a fantastic player however, and could explode points wise as well, but you’ll never quite shake that fear of rotation.

Felipe Anderson‘s (£7.3) stock might have gotten a boost from the news that Marko Arnautovic is being a baby and won’t play for West Ham amid rumours of a transfer to China. Anderson was firing on all cylinders before Arnie’s return from injury, and always looks likely to score. With Samir Nasri coming in and Manuel Lanzini not far off a return from injury however, Anderson might finally get some rest in not too long.

It might be tempting to double up on Liverpool’s attacking trio, but I think the better option is to double up on Liverpool defensive players. Mané (£9.5) will get points here and there, but he hasn’t warranted his high price since his explosive start to the season.

Kane Replacements

Why not just get right to it:

  1. Marcus Rashford (£7.6)
  2. Raul Jiménez (£6.4)
  3. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (£11.3)
  4. Sergio Aguero (11.3)
  5. Roberto Firmino (£9.3)
  6. Fernando Llorente (£5.6)
  7. Marko Arnautovic (£6.9)

Rashford (£7.6) should be in your team by now. If FPL could set his price right now, it would probably be around the £10.7 his striking partner Romelu Lukaku is. Rashford starts with or without Lukaku in the lineup, is dirt cheap, is in great form and has easy matches. What’s not to like and what are you waiting for?

Jiménez (£6.4) hasn’t been in my team this whole season, even though my pre-season prediction of him flopping has been thoroughly debunked. This might be the time to get him in, with a sea of easy matches going forward.

I’m personally sticking with Aubameyang (£11.3), now that my earlier plans of getting in Kane have been wiped out. He is the highest scoring striker in FPL for a reason and he’s never far away from a haul. Arsenal’s form and fixtures are concerning, but Auba is a top class striker who can score in any match.

Aguero (£11.3) is a nice differential at this point, but with Gabriel Jesus’ form and Man City’s awkward few gameweeks coming up, I’m not 100% sold on getting Aguero back just yet. Away matches, matches against top 6 sides and blanks will be part of Aguero’s steady diet going forward and he might not even play every game. Still, Aguero could blow up at any minute, he can score against anyone and he’ll be nailed when that happens, unlike all the Man City midfielders.

Roberto Firmino‘s (£9.3) form and fixtures are great, and it was around this point last season I brought him in and reaped the rewards. The rest of Liverpool’s team is just too strong now however, and I’d rather prioritize getting defensive players to accompany Salah.

I don’t buy Llorente (£5.6) as a solid option. Not with Pochettino’s comments about Alli as a false nine and the fact that Son will return to be the main striker very soon. Stay away.

I’d also stay away from Marko Arnautovic (£6.9) until further notice. He hasn’t traveled with the West Ham squad to Bournemouth as he and his agent brother look for a big money move to China. It’s about as disappointing as Arnie’s FPL season so far, riddled with injuries and a poor attitude. The Chinese transfer window lasts a bit longer than the Premier League one, dragging this saga on even further.

That’s it for me, make sure to follow me @Maefteda for my weekly FPL content and much more.