MyFPL, GW2: Beware of Knee-Jerk Transfers

MyFPL is a series where we will go through our thought process before every FPL Gameweek in the 2018/2019 season.

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Fantasy Premier League is finally back, which means that TheVideoScope’s MyFPL series also returns, giving you FPL tips and tricks every Thursday throughout the season.

We’re off to a fun start – just like last season – with many points to be had from lots of goals and assists, but also clean sheets. We won’t get the same amount of 2-0 results in every gameweek however, possibly starting with a wake-up call in GW2.

Remember, the hottest names out of last season’s GW1 were Ahmed Hegazi, Granit Xhaka and Steve Mounié… how did that work out? Always beware of knee-jerk transfers. Sorting out which bandwagons to join and which surprising players to avoid, is key. Here are the names worth noting with GW1 over and done with:

Quite a few names on there after an exhilarating opening gameweek and some pretty enticing run of fixtures for Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Crystal Palace and Leicester coming up.


While you can relax and just monitor most of these names, there are certain players that stick out as pretty close to essentials. Mendy (£6.1) will be the highest scoring defender this season. There, I said it. The Man City left-back was pretty much an attacking midfielder throughout the game, playing in a back 4 against Arsenal. Imagine what he’s like playing as a wing-back against one of the 6 newly promoted teams he’s facing the next 6 gameweeks.

Wan-Bissaka (£4.1) was the standout £4.0 defender before the season. The only people let down by him in GW1 were fools like me who benched him. He’ll be nailed for the whole season and showed that he can get forward for a defensively solid Crystal Palace. A must-have for now £4.1.

In midfield, Mané might have gotten the most points, but Richarlison (£6.6) is the one who should get the most attention. The Everton man is 3 million cheaper and has the easier run of fixtures all the way to GW9. After featuring heavily in my pre-season plans, I dropped Richarlison when Everton got Bernard on Deadline Day. I regret that decision, especially since Marco Silva has said that Bernard will back up Sigurdsson mostly. I’ll get Richarlison as soon as I get funds for him.

I mean, I could sell Bernardo Silva (£7.6) in order to get Richarlison, but with Pep’s praise of his Portuguese maestro, his play in the opening gameweek against Arsenal and now with the injury to de Bruyne, “Bilva” looks essential. HUD, wlv, NEW, FUL, car, BHA is the schedule for Man City and tripling up on them is a must if you haven’t already.

In order to triple up on Man City, why not bring in their most effective FPL player the last 7 seasons, Aguero (£11.0). The Argentine goal machine might not have gotten on the score-sheet in GW1, even though he probably should’ve had an assist if he had looked up and passed de Bruyne onto an open goal. Still, Aguero got involved offensively, and will get even more chances against weaker sides than Arsenal in the next few gameweeks.

Knee-Jerk Transfers

There are a few notable omissions from my watchlist as well, with a couple of early price risers not making the cut. Many transfers have been made already, but if you have avoided knee-jerk transfers and sensibly have waited closer to the FPL deadline to do your business, these tempting names might be better to avoid for now:

First and foremost we have Neves (£5.1). I obviously regret not having him over either Hughes or Cairney after his 12 point start, but I won’t lose any sleep over not having him in my team for the foreseeable future. He has already matched his assists total of 1 from his 42 game Championship season last year, and his 6 goals in that same season doesn’t exactly scream essential FPL signing.

Jorginho (£5.1) similarly is well on his way to match last season’s goals total, after netting a trademark jump-step penalty in the opener against Huddersfield. This was before Hazard was introduced however, who will take over spot-kick duties now that he has fully recovered from World Cup fatigue.

I’d stay away from Watford’s two high GW1 earners, Holebas (£4.6) and Pereyra (£6.1) as well. They did well at home against a piss-poor Brighton, but their next 6 gameweeks are not looking good. They start off against solid defensive teams in Burnley (A) and Crystal Palace (H) before facing “big 6” opposition in 3 out of their 4 next matches after that. Congratulations if you have them and keep them for at least the next 2 gameweeks if so, but don’t expect much returns.

Wait and See

Personally, I’m doing no transfers this week. Not only because I’m content with my squad despite a modest return, but also because I really want to have 2 free transfers before GW3, when the schedules turn for Arsenal, Chelsea and Crystal Palace.

Palace have a tough away fixture against Liverpool in GW2, giving me time to wait and see before potentially bringing in Zaha (£7.0) and his easy upcoming fixtures. Who knows? In GW2, King might convince me to keep him, or Tosun might show that Richarlison isn’t the only hot Everton prospect worth getting.

Arsenal and Chelsea face each other, before they embark on some favourable fixtures themselves. I already have Aubameyang (£11.0), with no intention of selling him, even if including him in my GW1 squad was a mistake if he doesn’t score against Chelsea. I’d be bringing him in for GW3 if I didn’t already have him anyway.

Hazard (£10.5) is also a very intriguing option, possibly even against Arsenal, who he has a tendency to score against. He regularly gets goals against Newcastle, Bournemouth and West Ham as well, which are the teams he’ll face once he gets done with Arsenal. Sprinkle in a home game against new boys Cardiff in there, and Hazard looks like a tasty option. I have no easy way of getting him except selling Salah however, so I’ll wait and see. If you have a guy like Alexis Sanchez, I’d look to switch him for Hazard in GW3.

Sanchez’ Man Utd teammates, Shaw (£5.1) and Pogba (£8.1) should be locks to play every game for Man Utd. However, with Mourinho as manager, I’m not too sure. I remember how Mkhitaryan was dropped a year ago even after an impressive start to the season. Shaw has had a similarly tight leash under Mourinho, while the rumours of Pogba’s discontent and a possible transfer to Barcelona makes me wanna wait until September before I get him in.

If you don’t have time to wait and see however, you might be stuck with a player or two you’d like to get rid of. Here are my suggestions for who you should look to sell and who to replace them with.

Sell Immediately:

de Bruyne (£9.9) – Injured for 2-3 months.
Sané (£9.5) – Managers keep dropping him. You need 3 from City and there are better options.
Son (£8.4) – Participating in Asian Games.
Martial (£7.4) – Fallen out with Mourinho.
Otamendi (£6.5) – Not the guaranteed starter he seemed like.
Trippier (£6.0) – Aurier reminded us against in GW1 why they will rotate throughout the season.
Digne (£5.0) – Baines still a preferred starter at this point.
Leno (£5.0) – Cech is Arsenal’s #1 according to Emery.
Jagielka (£4.5) – 3 match ban and will never start again.

Replace Them With:

Hazard (£10.5) – Looks to be unleashed with Sarri, might even play striker and has easy fixtures.
Mané (£9.6) – Might be Liverpool’s most dangerous option this season and that says something.
Pogba (£8.1) – If he stays and plays, Pogba will be on the FPL team of the season.
Bernardo Silva (£7.5) – With KdB out, Bernardo Silva is even more nailed in his impressive role.
Mendy (£6.1) – The sure starter Otamendi isn’t, while being a lot more offensively minded.
Rudiger (£6.0) – Got 3 bonus without goal involvements. A sure starter and beast under Sarri.
Pereira (£5.0) – Played at right mid and got an assist for Leicester. Looked dangerous.
Cech (£5.0) – Might as well do a straight Arsenal swap, considering their kind fixture list.
Wan-Bissaka (£4.1) – Have we ever had a better £4.01 option in defence?

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