MyFPL, GW33: Wildcard Lessons Learned

MyFPL is a series where I will go through my thought process before every FPL Gameweek in the 2017/2018 season.

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Last week, I used my wildcard and told you why you should use your wildcard in GW32/33 and with one more week of knowledge, why not check what I would have done differently if I had the wildcard saved for this week. Some of you wanted another week to get more time to perfect your team to end the season, so I’ll go through what I went with and what I would have done differently if I had a re-do this week.

Last week went really well for me, I finished in the top 100k for the Gameweek and most of my players looked promising. This is who I went with a week ago:

What you need to figure out for this week:

Should you sell Salah for someone like Alli?

Reason: With the news that Mo Salah is out for the Merseyside derby, there are more arguments for than what it was before. After all, Salah doesn’t have any double gameweeks left, so you have more chances to get points on someone with 8 matches left (2 DGW) than Salah with his 5. Liverpool surprisingly look likely to go through in CL, so you’d imagine that Salah will be more of a rotation risk going forward anyway.

Answer: No. Look at Salah’s home matches and come back to me. Home vs Bournemouth, Stoke and Brighton, all in the single gameweeks. You’ll want him as the premiere captain option for that round. I see a lot of people have jumped on the Dele Alli bandwagon in favor of Salah, but Son is still the more valuable Spurs mid, and I’d still keep Salah over him. Alli always scores against Chelsea and they face Man City in the double gameweek. Not much of an advantage. At least hold until after GW35 to get Alli and see if he keeps up his form.

Should I get/keep Aubameyang?

Reason: He doesn’t have a double gameweek in GW34 and there are other options like Kane, Lukaku, Vardy and others who do. I originally planned to sell him for Kane in GW34 when I did my wildcard team last week.

Answer: Yes, keep him, maybe even get him in now. His form so far in PL has been lethal and in the final 3-4 gameweeks, you know that he’ll be nailed since he is cup tied in Europa League. He is a scoring machine and a great captain option. He might not have a double gameweek in 34, but away to Newcastle can still get him some points.

I need a cheap third striker, who?

Answer: I’m glad I went away from Murray in the last moments last week, as he missed a penalty against Leicester and might not even be on pens anymore. I ended up with J. Ayew, who is still suspended, but he when he comes back, he’ll be great value. The same goes for C. Austin for Southampton, who got some minutes in their loss against West Ham. They have two double gameweeks and decent ending fixtures with their backs against the wall. Barnes from Burnley is also an option, but his scoring run has to end at some point?

I have Alonso, which other premium defenders should I consider?

Answer: His teammate Christensen might be a good option, but Chelsea are leaking goals at the moment. I went for Bailly over him, who didn’t even play last week. That might not be the worst thing however, as he is returning from injury and will be more fresh than his fellow Man Utd defenders. Monreal is always an option and Arsenal look like they are in good form again to end the season. Otamendi has played seemingly every minute for City and their ending fixtures look even better now that it looks like they are heading out of CL.

I’d go for Verthongen if I had a do-over though. They have everything to play for still, they are in very good form and Verthongen is nailed. Spurs will keep quite a lot of clean sheets to end the season.

Should my GKs be De Gea/Ryan?

Answer: Yes. Play Ryan this gameweek and roll with De Gea for the rest of time except bench boost.