5 Exciting Potential Daniel Bryan Matchups

A quick look at 5 possible dream matchups for Daniel Bryan once he is done with the current dream matchup with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

@KevNissanka – For starters, can I just say that Daniel Bryan alone makes me start watching WWE again as well as writing about it. Holy hell, The VideoScope team is excited about the return of Daniel Bryan! YES! YES! YES! It was stated in the article celebrating Daniel Bryan’s return that I refused to watch the emotional retirement, and here’s the god damn reason why. He’s back! THE AMERICAN GODDAMN SULLIVAN DRAGON is back on our TV screens and of course, it’s not to a limited role like Triple H or Shane McMahon. It’s full-time, baby! So one can expect that there’s going to be some dream matches, so let’s check out some of the best matches that are currently possible for the great Daniel Bryan. No more WHAT IF matches or WHAT COULD have been. He’s back!!!!

Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins

@KevNissanka – Well most people know that Seth Rollins is my 2nd favorite wrestler behind Daniel Bryan, so it would be only fair that I’d love to see my two favorite wrestlers duke it out, right? Funnily enough, most people might not remember that these two former ROH World Champions have actually had a match against each other (02.02.15 RAW) in a pointless match to see who’d face Roman Reigns at FastLane (where we all knew that Balee Dat wasn’t going to lose). Was the match pointless in terms of it being a spectacle? Absolutely not! What we got to see was two very technical wrestlers duke it out, as we saw a lot of high-flying moves, fun kicks and a lot of classic WWE intervention from the heel’s corner and another wrestler getting involved (Roman Reigns). The annoying thing about the WWE (back then anyways) is that they push the wrong guy, as we all would have loved to see this match at FastLane, rather than one-trick pony Roman Reigns. Anyways, all of this lead to Seth Rollins eventually becoming champion, so all’s well that ends well. You know what else would end well? A match between Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins.

Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler

@KevNissanka – I actually love Dolph Ziggler. A fun underdog, who has never been appreciated by the WWE higher-ups. If he was, he would have had a few reigns in the WWE by now. Seriously, he is the complete package. Good on the mic, complete workhorse in-ring and is just a very entertaining wrestler. Hot damn, two matches always stands out, his PAYBACK match against Alberto Del Rio (SO MANY KICKS) and that one SURVIVOR SERIES match where he eliminated so many wrestlers (and where he was wrongly unpushed). We’ve seen several matches of these two fighting each other and I reckon a feud between the two would be a nice way to get Daniel Bryan back into speed with things and also elevate Dolph Ziggler back to the status he deserves to be. After all, he’s here to show the world.

Daniel Bryan vs Shinsuke Nakamura

@Maefteda – This is a matchup pitched by Daniel Bryan himself. Nakamura himself doesn’t seem to shy away from the opportunity either. It’s an obvious one, as even though they used to live with each other for a bit, they have never had a singles match against each other. They could go for at least 30 minutes at full speed and the Kinshasa vs the running knee can lead to a quick and exciting finish to the match. Nakamura is the King of Strong Style, but Bryan’s famous Yes kicks are second to none. Remember how good and brutal Nakamura’s first match at NxT against Sami Zayn was? We could expect more of the same, perhaps even better with Daniel Bryan on the opposite side of “The Artist Known as” Shinsuke Nakamura. It’s the match everyone wants to see, even the Wendy’s twitter person thing.

Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar

@Maefteda – Bryan has always wanted a match with Brock Lesnar. It’s perhaps the ultimate David vs Goliath story with a believable David win. Bryan cited Lesnar’s UFC match with Frank Mir as inspiration, where a seemingly helpless Frank Mir got Lesnar in a kneebar and made him tap out. Daniel Bryan’s character has always been about taking down what seems like insurmountable odds and he has the wrestling chops to make this a very fun dynamic. If Lesnar gets Bryan in a German suplex, it will instantly make the crowd concerned about the injuries that held him out for the last 3 years. Lesnar gives you the vibe that he might actually hurt his opponent, which would make the crowd even more invested. Bryan showed he is more than capable of bringing out the best in big guys and Lesnar is a wrestler who can have fantastic matches if given a talented opponent.

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz

@Maefteda – As good as all the wrestlers above are, this is the obvious one. This might be the defining WWE feud for both of these guys, as their journeys in the WWE are linked ever since Bryan finally got there. As I mentioned in the “Wrestling for Dummies” article, their moment at Talking Smack was wrestling at it’s best and we’ve been waiting to see the pay off. The “Yes Kicks” vs the “It Kicks”, Wrestling vs Sports Entertainment, Daniel Bryan vs The Miz. We’ve seen them feud, but not at this level before. This could easily be for something like the rights to use the signature “Yes Kicks” (we all know it’s Yes Kicks, not It kicks). There is so much good material between these two, even after Daniel Bryan was forced to temporarily retire from in-ring action. Starting from Daniel Bryan’s return to take The Miz’ spot at Summerslam 2010, which we covered in our “Best Daniel Bryan Moments” article and their awesome (no pun intended) feud for the US Title. Let’s do one better and see them duke it out for the WWE Championship.

There are still so many exciting matches Daniel Bryan could have. AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle… who knows, maybe another one with CM Punk should he return. More surprising returns have happened. All of those would be amazing matches as well, but these are just 5 of them. Daniel Bryan can wrestle a classic with a broomstick.

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