Big E is Ready for a Main Event Push Now

Watching last night’s “FastLane” a thought struck me when watching the promo for part 287 of The New Day vs The Usos; Big E is good enough to become WWE Champion.

What also struck me, yet again, was how damn good The Usos have become. They run the tag team division and they are deservedly the WWE World Tag Team Champions. The New Day have been feuding with them ever since they joined Smackdown Live and after yet another unsuccessful attempt at regaining the tag team belts, they might be better served focusing on other things.

Why not focus on making Big E the WWE Champion?

The 285 lb former powerlifter has everything it takes to become a main event star. He is already completely over with the crowd, he has the big strong physique Vince McMahon dreams of, he can holds his own in the ring and he is incredibly charismatic. We all know the goofy side of him that has helped make The New Day into the best thing about WWE television the last 3 years, but the promo he cut on The Usos shows that he can deliver a serious one as well.

I know what you are thinking. Sure, Big E is talented enough, but there is something about him that hinders him from ever becoming WWE Champ… After all, guys like Big E haven’t really been WWE Champion throughout it’s 50+ years in existence. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room:

The WWE Championship is normally held by guys like Randy Orton, Triple H and Brock Lesnar who share a common trait Big E doesn’t have.. they are very serious, unlike Big E, who is a big goofball character.

Oh, that’s not the reason you were thinking of? Don’t worry. I’ll get to that later, but it’s also true that WWE don’t quite know how to book comedic wrestlers as WWE Champions.

It’s been a while since we had one, but if you want the blueprint for how to book Big E as a partly comedic WWE Champion, look no further than the current General Manager of RAW, Kurt Angle.

Come to think of it, John Cena acts like a big goofball quite often as well, even to this day. Too bad he’s not that funny on WWE TV, he has shown that he can be when he’s not appealing to kids.

Anyway, having Big E as a sometimes down to business, but mostly lovable goof for WWE Champion would be a fresh change of pace compared to the dreary Jinder Mahal run we got to witness last year. It almost killed my joy for wrestling. Big E is much more deserving and not only would he be a fresh main event face in terms of character, there’s also the real elephant in the room I alluded to earlier.

Many ask why there has never been a black WWE Champion. The Rock doesn’t seem to count, even though Barack Obama counted as the first black US President. Booker T – while he should have been WWE Champion – only won the World Heavyweight Championship. Ron Simmons aka Farooq was the first black WCW Champion, but didn’t amount to much in the WWE. Damn.

WWE seems to be all about “making history” nowadays. Stephanie McMahon certainly made that clear when she was commentating the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble. WWE might consider The Rock to be the first black WWE Champion and if they do, Big E could become WWE Champion himself sooner rather than later.

I make that distinction, because if the WWE decided to make black history, you can bet our ass they would do it during Black History Month, which means we would have to wait almost a year from now.

Regardless, Big E has all the makings to become a main eventer and eventually WWE Champion regardless of his skin color. They can easily script a storyline where The New Day get behind Big E as a contender for the WWE Championship. They have already tested those waters with #WoodsUSChamp. Why not do it with Big E and the most prestigious title in the wrestling industry?

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